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Sanaipei Tande makes come back with new hit

Singer Sanaipei Tande has revived her music career with a new song that is already a banger.

The new song titled Mdaka Mdakiwa is a blend of afrobeat and coastal melodic sounds that pay homage to the singer’s upbringing at the coast.

Sana, as she is popularly known, sings about the changing society and how the roles of courtship are shifting, where a woman can now pursue a man for a relationship.

“Nimeshayasikia mwanamke kamilika ni yule aliye olewa na kuanza familia, ninaye nimpendaye ameshindwa na kunena …….. Nami silai kwa kuwa wadai, mwanamke hafai kujaribu anapopata kigae chake…….. Nataka nimkaribie nimwabie vile anavyotia moyo wangu joto ……… Lakini sitaki kumuaibisha,” she says in some of the lyrics.

The song already has more than 200,000 views on YouTube following its release on May 13.

The singer has a number of hits under her sleeve among them, Amina, Mfalme wa Mapenzi and Najuta. She also has collabos with singers Otile Brown in the songs Aiyana and Chaguo la Moyo as well as genge master Jua Cali in, Geti Kali and Kwaheri.

Watch the video below: