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Sanaipei Tande speaks out on why she quit TV series Kina

Sanaipei Tande has set the record straight as to exactly what drove her to leave her role in the Showmax series Kina.

Sanaipei, who played the lead role of Nana Tandala, said that she chose to leave due to fatigue and she needed to rest.

But since the show is ongoing, they needed to find a replacement for her.

“Good morning, my lovelies. Wow! Where to begin…. Many of you know that I am no longer playing the role of Nana Tandala in the ongoing series KINA. There has been a lot of speculation as to why this is, with an array of reasons being thrown around,” Sanaipei Tande said.

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“For clarification and accuracy, I chose to leave due to exhaustion and consequently much needed rest. Because of the nature of the show, it was necessary to find a replacement to allow for your continued entertainment,” she said.

She thanked her fans and colleagues for the love and support they have shown to her throughout the show and wished actress Mbeki Mwalimu – who will take over from her – well.

“I thank every one of you who has shown great love, support and concern through numerous messages, comments and compliments. I assure you I have read ALL of them.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time as “The Great Nana Mandi Tandala” and all facets of this phenomenal character,” Sanaipei said.

“I will surely miss it. I thank @kinaseries_maishamagicplus cast & crew (my family) @zamaradiproductions @maishamagicplus_tv @dstv_kenya for the 4 seasons of great work.
I wish my successor @mbekimwalimu all the best as she tackles the ups and downs of the wife, mother, boss, brute and, of course, Auntiiieeee that is NANA MANDI TANDALA. I look forward to being back on your screens soon,” she said.

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Maisha Magic Plus announced Sanaipei Tande’s exit on February 17, 2023, thanking her for her time on the show.

“On behalf of the Maisha Magic Plus Team, we would like to thank Sanaipei for her sterling performance on the Nana character. We equally wish her all the best for her future endeavors,” said Margaret Mathore, Maisha Magic Plus Channel Head.

Kina is a Kenyan production that airs on the streaming platform Showmax. The series follows the ruthless battle for survival between the wealthy and powerful and the oppressed employees who work for the rich but get nothing in return.

Nana, is a ruthless and unscrupulous businesswoman who owns Kina Waters water company and only believes in winning at whatever cost, including bribing and killing.

The main characters are Jimmi Gathu, who plays Fred Tandala (Nana’s husband), Bruce Makau (Jabali – Nana’s nephew and right-hand man) and Arabron Nyyneque, who appears as Daudi Mwakazi – a hardworking, loyal family man who set Nana on a dangerous path thus setting the stage for all the drama in the series.

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