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Sanapei Tande: My man can fantasize about other women but….

By Rajab Zawadi November 5th, 2022 2 min read

Legendary singer turned actress Sanapei Tande says she doesn’t have a problem with her man drooling on another woman provided he doesn’t act.

The 37 year old who is yet to release a new song for the past year owing to her busy schedule says accepts men will always sultry gaze on other women no matter how beautiful their partners are.

In that regard, if you are a man and happen to be in Tande’s love life, she will never be offended if she bursts you giving another woman a flirtatious look. But, careful, she cautions.

“That’s an everyday thing, it’s normal for men to do that. You have to understand that. There is nothing wrong with looking but if you act on it, there is going to be war,” she warned.

So how far can one go with this?

“I will not stop you from looking. Look as much as you want, knock yourself out. Fantasize with what you see if you have to, do what you want but don’t act on it. I mean even we women check out men. We have feelings too.” she explains.

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Sanaipei also says she learnt her lesson to keep her love affair private after her split with former singer Manga which stole headlines over 15 years ago.

Since then, she has been in two other relationships that remain unknown to the public.

On the type of a man she likes, Sana says she is more of a free thinker.

“I know it when I see it. I mean there are different qualities, for instance when we talk about a good listener, a guy who respects himself, you and people of different classes. I’m also very big on family so if you are having issues with your people, it’s kind of a red flag. But I understand there are those unique situations, and if that’s the case then that’s different.”

Since debuting her acting career two years ago, Sanapei’s musical career has suffered something she is very aware of. She says this is due to the fact that she decided to devote much more energy to acting, something she is currently enjoying.

The Chaguo La moyo singer has been in the entertainment industry for close to two decades.

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