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Sandra Dacha laments about costly Kenya Power tokens, KOT reacts

Sandra Dacha, one of the leading Kenyan actresses renowned for her work in NTV’s Auntie Boss, ignited Kenyans when she lamented about the increasing costs of purchasing electricity tokens that no longer last past four days at most.

“I remember back in 2016 when I used to buy tokens from Kenya Power. 1000bob used to give me 80 units! Then it started going down polepole (gradually). 78 units, 76 units, 72 units, 68 units, 65 units, 60 units, 58 units, 55 units, 48 units, then dropped rapidly to 38 units. Then it just dropped to 29 units that only lasts 4 days,” lamented Ms Dacha.

Adding, “Sasa ni kama nanunua units za mia Aaaaaaah jameni hata kama…ama hii shida iko kwangu tu? (It’s like I’m now buying units for Sh 100. My goodness, even though [this is how things are]…or is this problem only in my house?).”

In response, a section of Kenyans lamented similar issues as some gave life hacks over how to beat the increasing costs of fewer tokens sold by Kenya Power.

“Buy tokens for Sh 25,000 to get 1300 tokens. It’s an advantage. I do that. I buy in bulk so that I can get the 20 tokens given on offer,” said Manuu Njue Koech Hsc.

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“I buy tokens for Sh 10,000 and I’m given 201 units. It used to be 504 units. This government though,” lamented Tonnie Best.

“I downgraded and remained with paying for tokens to light bulbs, Tv and charging my phone. For Sh500, they gave me around 22 units few days back. As we speak, I only used 6 units so far. So I don’t know why different meters give different number of units. Kenya Power Care should explain this phenomenon,” added Sio Linu Zeroh Six.

“You are in a better position than I am. Nowadays I buy tokens for Sh 50 just to light up the room where I will sleep in,” said Emma Gesare.

Many others blamed President William Ruto and his Finance Bill 2023, which will see the cost of fuel go up and review the cost of electricity skywards.

At the beginning of June 2023, the energy regulation sector increased the price of electricity by up to 63%.

Kenya Power said it intended to raise more money to upgrade its aging distribution systems; and to net Sh 177 billion in revenue in the 2022/2023 financial year. It then raised the base power prices to Sh 12.22 per unit, up from Sh 10 for those consuming below 30 units.

Those using 100 or more units now part with Sh 20.97 per unit, a jump from Sh 15.8 per unit.

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