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Sarah Kabu: It’s still painful for me to talk about my miscarriage

Bonfire adventures Chief Executive Sarah Kabu has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. While sharing her story on social media Mrs Kabu said she was expecting twins whose delivery would have been in January.

This is the first time she is opening up about the traumatic event.

“This is hard to type but sometimes back I lost my twins due in January am trusting God for another miracle one day. My friend’s prayer works @kabusimon Thankyou for standing with me during the difficult times,” she wrote.

In a previous interview with Nairobi News Mrs Kabu said her marriage has been anything but a bed of roses. In early 2022 Mrs Kabu, who is married to Simon Kabu, went public about her marital woes, saying she was tired of staying in a loveless marriage.

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She even accused her husband of denying her access to their children. She later issued a public apology, saying that particular incident was a difficult moment as they had initially considered separating only to bury their differences after the move seemed impossible.

“We once tried to separate but it was not difficult, so we have decided to stay together. I specifically do not want to comment on that issue (the spat) but I can say we are fine, she said back then.

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The mother of two also pointed out that being her husband’s best friend has helped their marriage stand the test of time.

“We spend a lot of time together and go to many events to support our friends and business partners. If we are not satisfied at the time the events end we head out for more drinks,” she explained.

“We can barely stay for long without the other. Hata tukijaribu kuachana (when we decided to stay apart from some time) like if one of us is on a trip without the other it becomes difficult.”

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