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Sarah Kabu throws jibe at Senator Karen Nyamu

Sarah Kabu, the managing director of Bonfire Adventures, has expressed her displeasure to Karen Nyamu, a senator-designate, over photographs that have surfaced of her hugging married men.

Kabu, who has previously identified herself as a defender of “goat wives”, is now speaking out against what she sees as behaviour that can make married women feel insecure.

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Specifically, Sarah Kabu has shared a photo of Nyamu hugging Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro at a function, describing such displays as unhealthy for married women.

Kabu’s comments have sparked debate and drawn attention to the broader issue of infidelity and its impact on relationships.

In an attempt to further comment on the issue of infidelity, Sarah Kabu has taken to social media to offer advice to married couples.

In another post, she suggested that couples should “up their twa twa game” to prevent the involvement of “side babes and side chicks”.

Sarah Kabu believes that if couples neglect this aspect of their relationship, they are more likely to experience infidelity from their partners.

“Have some wine and sleep before he returns home. Don’t forget to step up your game in bed or he’ll start getting it from the other woman. If he goes out, don’t let him use up all his energy. Also women, be careful, dry spells kill women just like depression,” she wrote.

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Her comments were met with mixed reactions from social media users, with some finding her advice problematic and others applauding her for addressing a sensitive issue.

While Kabu may have good intentions, her comments have been deemed controversial and have sparked a lot of debate.

Sarah has since deleted the posts after some of her followers attacked her.

In March 2021, Karen’s baby daddy, Samidoh, took to social media to apologise to his wife for having a baby with his “friend”.

At the time, Sarah warned that if Samido repeated the behaviour, they would hand him over to the ‘mafisi’.

Karen responded to Sarah’s comments by stating that she had great respect for Sarah and regarded her as a role model.

Karen went on to say that she had no intention of breaking up any families and hoped for peace in all relationships.

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