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Saudi Arabia Embassy defends Diana Chepkemoi’s boss, denies abuse claims

By Wangu Kanuri September 5th, 2022 2 min read

Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Kenya has refuted claims of a Kenyan national being abused.

In a statement on its socials, the Embassy instead suggested the said lady, namely Diana Chepkemoi, had showed ill health because she was suffering from some ‘natural’ ailment which it did not disclose.


The foreign mission also stressed that the Kingdom has a policy and does not only violate human dignity but is also keen to protect full rights of residents living on it’s lands of various nationalities.

The statement was released amid confirmation that Chepkemoi, a final year student at the Meru University, is trapped in Saudi Arabia with reports of ill treatment by her employment.

Diana Chepkemoi rescued from horrible boss

The 24-year-old who hails from Bungoma county had her images of her “before and after” showing she had shed off significant weight, with her plight sparking reactions across social media.

Chepkemoi was working in the Gulf nation in a bid to secure money for her school fees.

But she is said to have ended up in the hands of a rogue employer who mistreated her.

The employer denies harming Chepkemoi and insists her employee is a pathological liar who wants to ruin her, which she stresses several times, she will not allow.

The employer adds that Chepkemoi, whom she refers to as Princess Diana and at times, derogatorily as a “b****” is sick, simply because she wants to talk to her boyfriend.

Diana Spencer was the princess of Wales who died in a tragic road accident amid reports of a fallout with her husband Prince Charles with talk of infidelity in the background.

Kenyans in the Gulf always speak about their experiences on Tiktok, here is one famous Tiktoker who always shades light on what goes on in the Gulf.


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