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Saumu Sonko caught up in ‘husband-snatching’ scandal

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter Saumu is a woman in trouble. Just after she thought she had found the perfect love, a scandal has hit her new relationship.

Saumu has sensationally been accused of wrecking the home of a yet to be known woman after snatching her husband.

Saumu had gone live on Insta stories on Wednesday only for a user to accuse her of being a husband snatcher.

The governor’s daughter quickly defended herself by warning the user to leave her alone and unfollow her account.

The user commented; “God is watching you. God will never bless you for snatching another woman’s husband.”

Saumu told the user off saying; “Take your fake a** from my page. I know who you are commenting with fake accounts. I don’t take negativity from anyone.”

The user went on to type that there is “no negativity but facts only”; to which Saumu responded that the user needs to leave her alone.

Saumu later updated on her Insta stories that everyone has a past and urged haters to keep off her love life.