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Saumu Sonko raises eyebrows with ‘nose ring’ on her toddler

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu has denied claims that she put a nose ring on her one-and-half-years old daughter.

This following concerned queries from netzens after watching a video of her and the toddler who appeared to be having a nose ring.

Saumu however shrugged off her critics, saying the nose ring illusion was created by an App she used to film the video.

The video captures Saumu’s daughter attempting a duck pout while blowing a kiss to her mom’s followers.

One user commented, “So wrong let the child be a child.”


But Saumu replied, “My life and my child’s is none of your business, wewe umepost wako who asked you? Learn to drink water and mind your business.”

The user then responded, “Sorry no offense I was thinking of the pain or the nose ring doesn’t have pain. Hmm maybe I am wrong.”

To this Saumu replied, “It’s an app not a nose ring.”

Saumu has in the past been accused of over exposing young Sasha online although she maintains that it is her way of celebrating her baby.

Sasha is governor Sonko’s first grandchild sired by Saumu and politician Ben Gatu.

Saimu and Ben have since broken up with with the former moving on to a new relationship with another governor’s daughter.