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Saumu Sonko reveals battle with depression after breakup with baby daddy

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s first born daughter Saumu Mbuvi has opened up on her battle with depressed after her breakup with the father of her child.

Saumu revealed how she started taking antidepressants pills parting ways with Ben Gatu.

She also shared details of her roller-coaster relationships with ex-boyfriends.

She got into her first relationship at the age of 21 “with a lot of nativity and expectations that it would lead to marriage.


“Let me use myself as an example, my first relationship I was only 21 young and naïve. Thinking the relationship would lead to marriage, it totally damaged me and left me on depression pills for a while. The same fear of being judged is what I had until I choose myself and my child’s happiness over everything,” said Ms Mbuvi.

The mother of one separated with Ben Gatu in 2017. She accused him of using her for political mileage.

A few months later she started dating again.

“My second relationship at 23, at least with a bit of experience, anything that involved violence was a no for me. I was stronger and dint care how many would criticise me, my health and happiness came first and that of my daughter,” she narrated.


She started flaunting pictures of herself with her new bae, but she however was careful not to reveal his identity.

Saumu ended her narration with a word of encouragement to women.

“Don’t beg to be loved and respected, seek God’s guidance in everything you do and the most important weapon, Prayer,” wrote Ms Saumu.