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Saumu Sonko’s ex lectures Kenyan women over ‘indecent’ dressing at weddings

The former boyfriend of Governor Mike Sonko’s first born daughter has lectured Kenyan women for attending weddings while dressed indecently.

Ben Gatu went ham on the fairer sex who wear dresses exposing their backs, cleavages and thighs.

He was giving a comparison to the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that happened in the UK over the weekend.

In his rant, he pointed out the respectable attire exhibited by all the invited guests who attended the wedding.

“It was a great day for the newlyweds at Windsor. However, it was even greater for you because it came with a load of ideas for your wedding in future. Among them, the elegance, confident postures and walks by the bride and notably the natural face she wore without make up but most importantly how to dress on others weddings,” wrote Mr Gatu in his lengthy post on social media.


He went on: “It’s prudent to note the below dignitaries in their respective respectable attires. In Kenya, ladies would have attended such a wedding with dresses exposing their entire backs and cleavage not to mention short skirts only covering the least of the private parts and the excess badly-done make up that gets people like me confused on whether it was Uhuru Park-done face painting.”

He finished off with word of advice to his friends to take note from the Royal Wedding for ideas on how to present themselves at his wedding in the future. He particularly asked them to avoid the popular checked shorts commonly known as ‘Cheers Baba’ and a football jersey for an outfit.

“In future, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to wear exposing attires to look amazing. Let this act as a clue on my dressing expectations in case you attend my wedding. Unless, of course your intention is to confuse the groom. Young men should also be informed to avoid football jersey and the Cheers Baba attires. It’s uncouth.”