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Sauti Sol launch their music label in ‘Extravaganza’ style – VIDEO

Not since “Fimbo Ya Tatu (Dawa Ya Moto)” by Grandpa Government four years ago has a Kenyan record label announced its arrival with such an infectious song.

Sauti Sol have featured Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini in their latest hit “Extravaganza” to announce the launch of Sol Generation Records.

The song bears heavy rhumba instrumentals and is a mix of the “golden oldies” and contemporary delivery.

Props to guitarist Polycarp “Fancy fingers” and Yvan Kwizera on the bass for bringing out the authenticity in the sound to be truly like the one of the songs of yore.

The song is an unveiling of artistes signed to Sol Generation Records. It talks about how the artistes re coming to eat at the table of the music industry.


And the way the signees have been introduced at the beginning of every verse is fresh without breaking the melody of the song. This may as well end up being a song for the ages.

In terms of the video, the intro with Nairobi in the night time before they cut to the bar scene where the song is staged looked very scenic.

The Kaunda suits worn by the artistes remind one of an era gone by but at least they have a modern and stylish touch, unlike what our folks would have worn.

I don’t know if a lot of you picked up on this but I kind of felt that a local brewer was involved in the video. What with the bartender carrying beer mugs filled with the brew and what looks like bottles of one of the brand behind the mugs.

All in all, Sauti Sol have launched their record label in a style that sets the bar for others looking to do the same.