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Sauti Sol wade into Kenya’s dirty politics with ‘Tujiangalie’ song

Enough is enough! That’s the  message being put across by Sauti Sol in their latest song “Tujiangalie”.

The song is is perhaps the group’s  most powerful social commentary so far, mincing no words in calling out the rot in Kenya.

It calls for self-reflection especially among Kenyan youth, because the country is worse off than how it was left by its founding fathers.

The song also faults Kenyans for not engaging in meaningful political activism, preferring instead to trade jibes on Twitter.

This is Sauti Sol’s second collaboration with rapper Nyashinski and they couldn’t have chosen a better partner. Nyash spits fire about the Kenyan society and its the lack of integrity and accountability which we have all turned a blind eye on.


Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist  Bien Aime opens the first verse saying; “Barua toka Jaramogi na Kenyatta, wanauliza kama Kenya kuko sawa, nikawajibu Kenya tuko na disaster, watoto wetu wanazidi kuzikana. Deni mulizo wacha bado tunalipa, na tumekopa zengine China, tukajenga reli pia barabara, zilizobaki watu wakasanya.”

“Our latest release is simply self-reflective. Recognizing the frustration with our society’s woes should be tackled by us and our generation. We must look inward & hold ourselves accountable for our role within our communities,” tweeted Sauti Sol.

The song’s lyric video was released on Tuesday.

This is what the online community had to say about the song.


@AlexAyub tweeted; “#Uganda we’re almost there, claim our destiny in the promised land. Don’t give up on this course, it’s difficult I understand. Police brutality with no Neutrality The end is nearer than ever, Tranquillity for ever. Storms before rainbows keep going, just never bow! #FreeBobiWine.”

@Shei_Kh said; “Kudos @sautisol for passing out the message, the ball is now on Wanjiku since the leadership has failed us, the future is in our hands (Wanjiku).”

@BlessedMax3 wrote; “I feel as if mboya angekuwa life ingekuwa smart than the leadership of today…. Hahaaa then wikendi tuko church tukiuza sura.”

@SpaxDonald said; “Thanks @sautisol enyewe tuko pabaya si uongo.”

@Luxweez wrote; “Good song, listened again and again, Message at home.”

@SuzannaOwiyo commented; “Great piece of composition.”