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Sauti Sol’s Bien blasts Natalie

Sauti Sol vocalist Bien Baraza has put popular city Youtuber Natalie Tewa on the spot just a week after she harshly criticized supermodel Naomi Campbell’s tourism video of Magical Kenya.

The Briton was appointed Magical Kenya ambassador in January to promote Kenya abroad as a preferred leisure and tourism destination.

Most Kenyans on social media appeared disappointed with the appointment.

But even before the dust could settle on the matter, Naomi irked Kenyans once again with a gaffe on her promotional video titled Naomi Experiences Kenya which she shared to her 10 million followers on Instagram last week.

Once again Kenyans came out blasting Naomi for the video this time faulting her for using Nigerians hit song ‘Maserati’ as the background soundtrack to the video.

But one Natalie was even more categorical. Besides calling out Naomi for not using a Kenyan song as a soundtrack to the promotional video, Natalie expressed her disappointments on how poorly the video was done and went on to point out in detail a number of faults she picked from the video.

Natalie’s criticism of Naomi has come to haunt her with Bien blasting her for never promoting Kenyan songs in her vlogs either.

“People are complaining Naomi Campbell is playing Nigerian songs but even a lot of the influencers when I look at their pages they are playing Nigerians songs too, so what are they talking about. I mean Natalie I’m on her page, I‘m a fan of Natalie but no offense, when her stretching videos have some calm is all foreign music too. I have never seen her go to Malindi or Mombasa and use a gengetone song.” he said.

According to Bien, he doesn’t see any problem with Naomi Campbell using foreign songs in her Magical Kenya promotional video as long as the songs are African.

“So what I’m saying, as long as it is an African song, we are winning.” He added.