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Sauti Sol’s Chimano refers to himself as ‘retired’ Kenyan popstar

Willis Chimano, a member of the renowned music group Sauti Sol has finally surfaced to provide an update on his current endeavours.

In a light-hearted video shared on his Instagram account, Chimano humorously addressed his fans, shedding light on his life since Sauti Sol’s announcement of taking a hiatus.

The clip showcased Chimano wielding a lawnmower, tending to his newly acquired garden.

“Welcome to my home Garden, I’m Chimano, and this is my first day on this job and first day on this show. This is the Garden that I’m doing today, My garden. I just bought this (lawnmower) as a retired pop star from Kenya. I’m in a different land seeking new opportunities,” Chimano quipped in the video.

The singer’s absence from the public eye over the past few months had left fans wondering about his whereabouts.

In November 2023, Chimano had announced his intention to take a well-deserved break to rejuvenate before considering his next career move, whether as a solo artist or part of Sauti Sol.

During this hiatus, Chimano had mentioned his plans for relaxation and contemplation, indicating a desire to explore new avenues and experiences.

“Chimano is going to take a little bit of a break, maybe I have a lot to say but for now Chimano is going to take a break for a bit just relaxing, being in thoughts and prayers. Honestly, there isn’t much I will be doing, just that, relaxation, maybe take a holiday.”

His colleague, Bien Aime, had revealed in a separate interview that Chimano would be embarking on a holiday to Switzerland, further fueling speculation about the group’s future endeavors.

Reflecting on Sauti Sol’s hiatus and the group’s final performance together during the Last Dance event on November 4, 2023, Chimano expressed gratitude for the band’s remarkable 17-year journey while hinting at individual pursuits for the future.

“Sauti Sol is done for now, we are all in an element where we are all figuring out and working towards what we are going to do and become (individually). I guess everybody will just have to wait and see,” Chimano remarked.

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