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Sauti Sol’s Chimano to drop second single in January

Sauti Sol singer Chimano has announced his second single hit will be ready in January.

The singer, full name Austin Chimano, made the comments at the inaugural ceremony of Sol Fest with Jameson on 8th December 2021.

“My second single off the album will be in January. It will be the lead single that will come out with the album or the EP, and the song is called ‘hallelujah’. The whole song was actually written by Bien, as it was initially a Sauti Sol song. The song was good but we just didn’t release it, so I asked the guys to just give me the song,” said Chimano.

“The words are really true to what the album is about, and just what your thoughts and philosophy should be as a human being, and in your own individuality. It can be a gospel song, love song, or philosophical song, depending on which side of the spectrum you are,” he added.

With the recent release and debut of his first single off his ‘Heavy is the Crown’ album, Chimano has grown as a solo artist and received so much praise from his fan as he openly explores his full potential as an artist in this new venture.

His latest hit single, ‘Friday Feeling’ has garnered over 400k views on YouTube in less than a week, is a song that embraces the queer and shows off the drag queen theme, as seen in the music video.

Speaking about his solo project, Chimano said the song ‘Friday Feeling’ allowed him to be in his element and express himself freely. “I am serving realness as we all should. I have fully started to express myself and deep down for me, this is an expression of happiness and freedom,” he said.

The vocalist also shed some light on his private life, and in regards to his relationship status, Chimano expressed that he is seeing someone but prefers to keep it all under wraps. “I do have someone, but I will keep that to myself. It’s a part of my life that I am not going to share,” he said.