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Sauti Sol’s Savara is now a vegetarian

Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi is now a vegetarian. Savara made the big revelation during an interview with comedian Jalang’o, explaining why he decided to change his lifestyle.

He said that on his journey of wellness he decided to have a mind shift and become a vegetarian.


Being physically fit he says is not all about having huge muscles.

“To be sincere, being physically fit sio kujaza muscle. So nili have a mind shift nikakuwa vegetarian. Sili nyama,”said Savara.

“Katika hiyo hali me with my body part ilikuwa nimezoea protein. So bado niko kwa hiyo journey ya kufit my diet that even though I am a vegetarian bado napata the same nutrients,” he added.

His body transformation has not skipped the attention of the singer’s fans who took notice of his drastic weight loss. He said that even his family members were shocked.


“Wacha ni explain, hata nilienda Ocha, Shosho yangu aliniambia aiii! Na sio Yvonne, yeye ananipikia fiti. The thing is nili adopt a different kind of lifestyle sahii with wellness,” he explained.

He further said that being an artiste and having to do numerous shows also requires a person to be physically fit.

“By the way the reason why tumelast pia hivi sii pia who employ a lot of wellness processes za kutufanya tuwe same, na tukuwe physically fit. Because unajuwa ukiwa on the road like you have to do 15 shows in America, haikuwangi ati leo show alafu another show after a week. Inakuwanga three consecutive shows one rest day,” he said.