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Savara: I forgot to save my girlfriend’s number

Yvonne Endo, the girlfriend of Sauti Sol’s Delvin Mudigi alias Savara, has revealed how the two met.

Endo, a Kenyan-Japanese artist-designer, was speaking on Sol Generation TV on YouTube.

“So, I met Savara at the African Nouveau Festival and I had gone there with my sister. It was almost time for us to leave when he introduced himself and mentioned that he is a stripper and I was like, ‘Okay that’s like really funny’. Then eventually when the night ended, he asked for my number,” she said.

Savara revealed that he never saved the number that night and so two days later he asked Sean, Yvonne’s brother-in-law, for her number.

“Two days after nikapigia Sean, nikamuuliza niaje Sean nipatie number ya Yvonne. Sean did wrong, Sean asked her na kumbe Yvonne  alikuwa amenipea number ile time but sikusave,” Savara said.

After getting the number, they immediately started talking.

It’s only during the lockdown that Savara first shared about his girlfriend even though sources say they started dating in 2018.

“Sasa tuko hapa deep in a relationship. Amenipiga lock and key. Kuna watu wengi huniandikia tutaachana tu. Ya mungu ni mengi na kama vile DJ Shitty husema ya kuku ni mayai,” he said.

Savara added that it was important for him to make people around him happy.