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Save my marriage: US man appeals to Trump after Kenyan wife is denied Green Card

A United States citizen has claimed that his Kenyan-born wife was denied a Green Card because she married a ‘White Man’.

Bruce Pritchett has been married to Salome Pritchett for four years and they have a three year-old son together. He has petitioned President Donald Trump to save his marriage.

In his petition, Mr Pritchett narrated about his four year ‘lengthy and expensive’ struggle to legalise his wife’s status. He said his wife is ‘facing imminent deportation’.

The couple got married in 2015.

“My name is Bruce Pritchett, a US citizen by birth in the State of Missouri. I got married to my wife Salome Pritchett, a Kenyan citizen, on August 8, 2015 in Missouri.


“My wife has been legally living in the United States for 7 years. She’s hardworking and pays taxes in this country. We have a 3 yr old son together, who was born in Illinois. We filed a petition to help my wife Salome to adjust her legal status through marriage and get her a green card, in May 2017. We had an immigration interview in December 2017. During the interview the immigration officer asked my wife why she “married a white man”, which to me that’s racial profiling, violation of human rights to marry and discrimination,” he says.

Pritchett claims that the immigration officer who was handling his wife’s case demanded her to “revoke her then legal status” without telling them if she had qualified for Green Card or not.


They were in turn advised by their lawyer not to revoke her legal status because that would make her illegal in United States.

In March 2019 their lawyers advised them to sue the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in St Louis, Missouri, to stop the delay of their petition and grant the Green Card.

“I have a 3-year-old son who needs his mother and I need my loving wife close to me. We love each other and we both love our son to death. We take our marriage vows very seriously and nobody will separate us.”