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WATCH: ‘Savior’ Uhuru missing in action as fuel crisis persists

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been missing in action for the past few days as fuel crisis persists.

There has been no word from the Head of State since Tuesday September 4 when he last tweeted on his personal account.

The tweet was on the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) 2018 Summit that happened earlier in the week in Beijing, China.

Officially, the president was set to return to the country on Wednesday before heading straight to Rwanda for the Green Revolution conference and meetings with continental leaders.

So far, there has been no update from State House –as is the norm- on whether the Head of State had returned to the country or not.

But of more importance is the fuel crisis that has been occasioned by coming into effect of a law that slaps a 16 per cent Value Added Tax on petroleum products.

Last week, Members of Parliament voted to delay the implementation by another two years. The delay is in the Finance Bill 2018 which was sent to the president for action.

He can assent to it, a move that will remove the tax and reduce the fuel prices or reject the amendment by sending a memorandum to parliament with his views.

The new tax regime precipitated a strike by Kenya Independent Petroleum Distributors Association which paralyzed movement of the commodity, causing a shortage. Since Wednesday, motorists were forced into drastic action such as driving far and queuing for long hours in search of fuel.