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Savula: Why I postponed my Kakamega gubernatorial bid

Lugari lawmaker Ayub Savula has rubbished claims he conceded his ambition of becoming the next Kakamega governor because he is not popular.

The outspoken lawmaker recently dropped his gubernatorial bid in favour of Fernandez Baraza.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Savula who’s accepted to deputise Barasa now says the end game was to beat the Kenya Kwanza alliance team led by Cleophas Malala.

“Who said I’m not popular, I’ve been a member of parliament twice and if I am not popular why did my people elect me,” he posed…

When he (Baraza) wins, we will share the government on a 50/50 basis.”

The Lugari lawmaker also allayed fears he could be stopped from contesting for the political seat owing to a corruption related case against him the courts.

“If president Uhuru Kenyatta vied for presidency when he had a case at the International Criminal Court (ICC), why do I get to be questioned, and the law says I’m innocent until proven guilty, I’m just waiting for the cases to be dismissed.”

Savula was to fly DAP-K’s flag in the August 9 race.

Following his decision to step down, the race to succeed outgoing governor Wycliffe Oparanya has narrowed down to a contest between Barasa and Malala, who is contesting on a Amani National Congress (ANC) ticket.