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Scandal! Alikiba caught in ‘love triangle’ while ignoring wife’s divorce pleas

Tanzanian superstar Alikiba has been caught in a tumultuous love affair with successful businesswoman Niffer, leaving his wife, Amina Khalef, shattered and publicly humiliated.

The controversy erupted after Niffer uploaded an intimate video with the singer, fueling suspicions of a romantic relationship just days after Amina criticized him for refusing to grant her a divorce.

Attempting to quell the rumours, Alikiba last Friday addressed the brewing storm and in a feeble attempt to downplay the situation, he asserted that Niffer was merely a friend and business colleague, vehemently denying any romantic involvement between them.

“Niffer is my good friend. We do business together, just like any other person,” he insisted, desperately clinging to the fragile facade of innocence.

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However, his feeble defense did little to silence the skeptics. When pressed about whether he would approve the divorce documents his wife had presented, Alikiba callously dismissed the issue, arrogantly asserting that his marital affairs were no one’s concern.

“My marriage life does not concern everyone. But at the same time, you know women have five days in a month of arguing with a man. Once those days are over, they are okay,” he remarked, trivializing the pain and suffering his wife had endured.

Alikiba also perpetuated gender stereotypes by stating that arguments and discord were an inevitable part of any relationship.

“It’s true that you can’t live with women without arguing. Even over small things. That’s why we’ve been told to use wisdom while we live with them,” he proclaimed, further deepening the wound inflicted upon his wife.

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This sordid affair comes on the heels of Amina Khalef’s courageous decision to expose the alleged abuse and disrespect she endured during their marriage.

In a heartfelt plea on social media, the Kenyan-born wife detailed the pain she had endured and expressed her exhaustion at being publicly disrespected while Alikiba enjoyed the freedom to pursue his desires. Her emotional message begged Alikiba to sign the divorce papers, allowing both of them to move on with their lives independently.

Amina, who now residing in Mombasa, has found herself entangled in a heart-wrenching battle against a callous and unyielding husband who seems more concerned with protecting his public image than granting her the freedom she so desperately craves.

Netizens remain divided, with some condemning Alikiba’s alleged infidelity and insensitivity toward his wife’s suffering, while others rally behind him, defending his right to a private life.

Regardless of where one’s sympathies lie, there is no denying the explosive nature of this controversy, which has left a trail of shattered trust, heartbreak, and unanswered questions in its wake.

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