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Scandal of schools demanding cash to buy KCPE invigilators lunch

Eyebrows have been raised over claims that primary school heads are asking parents to pay money for buying lunch to KCPE invigilators and supervisors.

The claims were sparked by a post on a Facebook group, Buyers Beware, in which a parent confessed to being asked by a school to contribute lunch money for invigilators.

She however did not disclose which school it was.

The parent, Janelle Chloe Carol, asked for advice from fellow parents regarding the payment during national examinations in both primary and high schools.


“Hi Members, for parents/guardians whose children are sitting for their KCPE exams tomorrow, have you been asked to contribute money to buy food for the officers and invigilators during the exam period? Is this a normal occurrence? I have never heard of this before,” asked Ms Janelle.

The post received varied reactions.

Some parents admitted to having paid to such a contribution, while others denied knowledge of such a thing.

Guvness Msupa Kuruka responded by saying; “If it ensures your children are well treated, by all means go ahead and pay. A lot of illegal levies are charged in our schools today for all absurd reasons.”

But Essy Polly claimed she has never heard of such a thing. “In my daughter’s school hakuna kitu kama hiyo.”

Kamande Peter said; “In the morning, I gave 300shs each to my two candidates (class 8) ati they were asked to bring for lunch. This despite the school being a short distance from my dwellings… 600shs! That they won’t be allowed to go outside the compound, sawa tu.”


Sacdiya Hussein however surprisingly admitted to have paid an amount  for “food” for the invigilators when her son was sitting for KCSE exams. “Yes my son was sitting for kcse last year and they asked for 3k ya wageni when I ask wageni ni nani? That’s when they said invigilators and others .was a surprise to me hehe.”

Amooh Tamanda said; “Yes last year gave 2k.”

Joyce Mwaeni said; “Me I know we paid before they were registered….tuliambiwa Ni KCPE expenses…lunch/invigilators/security mambo Kama hayo.”

Mamake Roy Na Wayne said; “Form four we were asked for 2k each parent this term. Wah! sema shule kutake advantage.”

Princess Anitah Elijah said; “Yeah…we closed our eyes and contributed.”