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School to hold prayers after pupils find human waste inside classroom

A bizarre incident has caused panic among teachers and learners at Loorateng’ Primary School in Rachuonyo North after an unidentified person defecated in one of the classrooms at the learning institution.

The incident forced the school management to suspend learning on Tuesday as they cleaned the classroom. Parents were also called for an impromptu meeting to discuss the strange incident.

The meeting between the school management and parents resolved to hold prayers to “cleanse” the classroom. School head teacher Tom Akatch said the prayer meeting will be held on Friday.

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Mr Akatch said he arrived at the school on Tuesday for his normal duties. He was later alerted by commotion in Grade Two where learners were complaining about a foul smell inside the classroom. Upon inspection, he discovered human waste.

“The human waste were on all four corners of classroom with one in the middle. All were in carton boxes,” Mr Akach said.

Presence of fecal matter caused fear among other learners in the school. Mr Akatch later established that a similar incident happened in the school five years ago.

The school has no perimeter fence and the classrooms usually not locked when learners break for the day.

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“We have a security guard who mans the institution at night. Having no fence however allows intruders to get in the compound from any direction,” Mr Akatch said.

In Luo tradition, when someone defecates in a house, the owner of the house is supposed to conduct rituals to cleanse the house. The Luos believe such acts bring bad omen to a family.

Mr Jarongo Okumu, an elder in Kanyamwa Komungu and a member of the Luo Council of Elders said failure to cleanse a house under such circumstances has consequences.

“It may lead to death. For a rental house, it is advisable that the owner moves out,” he said.

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