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Scores injured in stampede after lift collapses at Kenyatta University – VIDEO

Scores of students were on Monday afternoon injured in a stampede at Kenyatta University after a lift in the institution’s new library collapsed.

In a video clip seen by Nairobi News, panicky students jumped from windows despite warnings from the people outside who urged them to use the staircase instead.

Students who spoke to Nairobi News said the lift malfunctioned while on third floor and collapsed to the ground, emitting a loud bang that caused panic at the institution.


Students and staff immediately raced for the exits from the library, causing a stampede on doors and windows..

“We heard a loud bang from the library and everyone ran out as quickly as we could. Some students jumped and others were pushed as everyone tried to get to safety,” said a terrified student.

The institution’s management said they will issue a written statement soon.

Security personnel have cordoned off the library.

An unknown number of students were rushed to hospital.