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Scorned Woman: Edday should have kicked Samidoh’s behind to the curb a long time ago

I still can’t fathom how Edday Nderitu has managed to stay loyal and true to Mugithi artiste Samidoh for 15 years. Is it really love? Attachment perhaps? Or maybe the fear of losing the many years of building an empire together? 

All these reasons are honestly justifiable in any sane person’s eyes, but it still beats me how one can tolerate being trampled on one too many times by the same person who claims to love them. 

How do you hurt the woman you swore to love and value for the rest of your life? How do you see her slowly crumble mentally and emotionally because of your actions as a man and still manage to catch some good z’s in the night? 

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If you ask me, Edday should have kicked Samidoh’s behind to the curb a long time ago. Just when we all thought that Samidoh had closed the chapter on Senator Karen Nyamu, he goes on ahead to prove to Kenyans that he is not willing to clean up his act and protect his marriage from outside threats. 

The past few days the internet has been flooded with sentiments by netizens about photos that were recently uploaded by nominated senator Karen Nyamu on her Instagram account sitting next to the artiste and the father of her children. Karen had no qualms sharing photos which she very well knew would ruffle the feathers of a majority of internet users. 

Her post attracted a lot of criticism but this did not seem to bother the politician one bit. Following Karen’s post, Edday, for the first time, did not see it fit to stay mum on the matter and unleash hell on her husband. 

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Edday has always kept some safe distance between her and any controversial stories that revolve around her marriage, but looking back at all the embarrassing situations that she has found herself in, was it really worth it?

To make matters more concerning is that Samidoh does not express any sense of remorse for the damage he constantly causes his wife.

Now it may not be entirely clear whether Edday was steadfast in her decision not to stand by her husband anymore, but one thing is certain; she does not want to raise her children in a polygamous marriage.

All that’s left for her to do is make a choice because the way everybody sees it, Karen is not going anywhere and she has made it clear enough for everyone to see. 

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