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Scorned Woman: If you’re sleeping with your boss, make sure you’re getting something out of it

I used to harshly ridicule women who slept with their bosses, wondering how someone could stoop so low as to sleep with their employer, but it wasn’t until I saw how tough and complicated life can get that I had a change of heart.

If you speak to any random Nairobi lady about dating and sex, you’re more likely to hear them say they are drawn to men who have money. Men who can provide and spoil them stupid. Loyalty? No, that’s just an old narrative, and by the looks of things Nairobi lassies have come to terms with the reality of relationships and marriages in this day and age. 

In the office setting, dynamics run far deeper than just business engagements and relations. I mean, come on, we’re all only human after all, it’s not like once we get to work our attraction meter suddenly blows over. Married, dating, or single, in the eyes of your colleagues, you’re fresh meat, and they are carnivores that have spotted the bait. 

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I’m one to believe that in this world, nothing is free. We are living in a world where survival is of utmost importance, and trade is the bedrock of this motive. Sex has become nothing short of an exchange in the office. What I peg as a problem in this mode of trade is that one party benefits over the other, which reels in the currency factor. 

We do not need to beat around the bush and lie to each other that there is more than just casual pleasure when it comes to two mature colleagues having sex. So here’s what I’m driving at. If you’re going to sleep with a colleague, at least make sure you’re getting something beneficial, preferably monetary, out of it.

Now we both know there isn’t much a colleague on your level can do for you except maybe leave you with a scathing heartbreak, and quite possibly a nasty STI to go with it. You aren’t the only one they’re sleeping around with after all.

Every working woman has or is going through a stage in work life where a high-ranking man is throwing thirsty looks at her. And let’s be honest, you can only hold them off for so long. Eventually, you’re going to want to give in. If you haven’t yet already. 

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So here’s the deal. Instead of letting yourself slip and take a fall, lay down the rules and take charge. You might as well flood your pockets while at it. Money is no object to your boss, especially if he’s determined to get you laid. 

If he wants to spoil you, let him. If he wants to take you on a three-day vacation to Diani, let him. Stop holding back because of your so-called principles when every single day all you complain about is how broke you are. You have an opportunity to live the soft baby girl lifestyle and you keep shoving it without the slightest consideration of what an epic experience you could score if only you allowed yourself to. 

If, however, you want to sleep with your boss because for some reason you caught feelings, abort the mission. Here’s the golden rule in corporate: Don’t catch feelings. Then again, the most acknowledged is “don’t have sex with a workmate”, but nobody respects that anymore, and as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. But the scorned woman adds that you be smart about it.

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