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Scramble for bread to cost students Sh10k each

Parents in a secondary school in Embu county have protested at claims of being asked to pay Sh10,000 penalty after their children scrambled for loaves of bread last week.

The Kamama High school parents who spoke to the Nairobi News said they were asked to pay the amount on top of the students undergoing other forms of punishment.

The money is supposed to be paid to the school’s Till number 320650 and the message forwarded to the school officials.

“Your son scrambled for bread denying other students chance to enjoy their rightful share of the same. The school policy does not condone this. It calls for punishment and penalty. Find time to discuss this physically with the designated officers in the school by 21 October, 2016,” read the message sent through two mobile phone numbers used by the school.


It is during the meeting that the parents were asked to pay the amount on top of the students engaging in a punishment ferrying firewood.

“We were about seven parents whose children were sent home for scrambling for bread. There were others with other issues. One was asked to pay Sh6,000 for breaking a window pane,” one of the parents said.

This writer called the institution posing as a parent seeking clarification and a female worker confirmed the demanded payment.

“You are supposed to pay through the Till number and then bring the message for confirmation,” she said.

School Principal Obadiah Mwatha declined to respond to a text message sent to him.