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Sean Andrew missed million-dollar gig for being ‘too cute’

Sean Andrew, the grandson of former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, has shared an intriguing story of how his striking looks led to his rejection of a lucrative gig.

Sean, who has consistently captured attention with his irresistible charm and modern style, disclosed that he once auditioned for a gig that promised a substantial payment, only to be turned down because he was deemed “too cute.”

In a candid revelation, Sean explained:

“One day, I lost a gig because I am too handsome. One day before the shoot, the agency called me and said, ‘I do not know what to tell you, but you are too cute for the advert.

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They said they wanted someone who looked a bit more mature, but you are too cute, and you look so childish.'”

The rejection took a toll on Sean, and he vividly remembered his initial frustration.

“I was like, damn, what do I do about that? I remember being so upset and throwing my phone into a bush. The people who replaced me are my friends, and they do not know that they replaced me. I was a bit salty, and didn’t talk to them for a while.”

When asked how he coped with the disappointment, Sean emphasized the importance of resilience.

He noted: “Even up to date, I feel that rejection is very painful at first, but over time, you realize that it was just a ‘no,’ and so you move on. You don’t have to keep stuck there.”

Sean opened up about the pressures of social media, acknowledging that he, too, faced challenges related to his appearance when he initially ventured into the digital realm.

“There is so much pressure on social media. A while ago, it was about how I look on social media. My belly is so big, what am I gonna do, my thighs are jiggling, but I have outgrown that,” Sean said.

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