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Search for perfect selfie leads to Lake Victoria boat accident

Three University of Nairobi students are feared dead after a boat they were in capsized in Lake Victoria, Busia county, on Saturday evening.

Budalangi police boss Mr Isaiah Mose said the three were among seven students from the university who were taking selfies in the boat.

Two of the three bodies were found today morning (January 1, 2023). The third body is yet to be recovered.

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The three were part of a 7-member gang of local tourists taking selfies on the overloaded boat in Budalang’i when it capsized, and residents rescued the four from a nearby village.

“The students were on an evangelical mission in Budalang’i. They had a crusade which culminated in a baptism event, under the Seventh Day Adventist church,” Mr Mose said.

“After completing their mission, they went to the Lake Victoria waters to take photos. In the process, one of them attempted to take a selfie while standing on the boat, making it unstable. That is how the boat capsized.”

The boat had a capacity of three, the police boss said, and “the students were taking photos in shifts.”

However, “they wanted to take a group photo, [so] they overloaded it. The incident happened about 50 metres offshore,” he added.

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