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Being second wife is not easy, says married socialite Amber Ray – PHOTOS

A socialite who is popular on Instagram for her flashy lifestyle and killer curves has come out to confess that she is a second wife.

Known as Amber Ray, the socialite has wowed her followers with top of the range cars, trendy outfits and glamorous house interiors.

But thanks to Instagram’s now popular feature that allows followers to pose questions to a user, we now know that Amber is not only married, but also is a second wife.


We also know her husband’s name.

One user, who appears to know her well, asked whether she would choose Zaheer, if she were to start all over again.

She responded: “Of course yes, but a couple of things wouldn’t be the same.”

She did not expound.


Amber also delved into life as a the other woman, telling a fan: “It’s not easy.”

Another curious fan wondered whether she was friends with Zaheer’s first wife.

She said: “Sharing is not easy and for that we can never be friends.”


Amber further said she had to convert from Christianity to Islam for the marriage to work.

She also claimed that her well-rounded derriere is natural and does not work out to keep it in shape.

She says she uses diet to achieve that.