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No such thing as second-hand cash

In every corner of Nairobi there is a shop dealing in second-hand household goods.

People dispose of their household goods for varied reasons like upgrading their lifestyles, leaving the country or even just needing money in a hurry.

When you acquire new things, don’t just store your old stuff. Visit your nearest secondhand dealer and make some quick money.

Good opportunity

Dealing in second-hand items is a lucrative business for Rahisi Secondhand Mart which has been in existence for 23 years.

The shop buys used goods ranging from antiques, furniture and electronics, and prices depend on the quality and type.

The most expensive items are antiques while beds, stereos, refrigerators, and dining tables retail at half the market price, making them a good bargain for customers who are under pressure to make ends meet.

On demand

For instance, a brand new model of a popular TV brand goes for Sh23,000 in the market. We found the same model, in good condition, going for Sh,15,000 in a second-hand shop on Ngong Road.

A spot check revealed that items such as TVs, beds and refrigerators are the most sought after.

“We have people from all walks of life coming into our shop, from expatriates to locals. Some come to sell while others are looking to buy,” said a city dealer.

Some of these stores welcome defective goods too. Once the repairs are made, the dealers place them for sale at a profit.


However, do not buy second-hand goods from random dealers, instead get them from trustworthy dealers since their products come with a warranty.