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Secret snooping menu? How to catch a cheater using their phone

By Winnie Mabel January 30th, 2023 2 min read

We live in a society where we increasingly distrust each other in terms of finances, business, or relationships.

Romantic relationships tend to be the hotbed of distrust in an era where it is deemed cool to date casually, date many people at once, date taken/married people, or hunt people for the thrill of the chase.

With this distrust comes to a lot of care given to mobile phones. A suspicious person will probably have a password for every app on their device, including call logs and messages.

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They will have secret files on their phones so that a person snooping won’t easily find them. Smart Depot Tech, a technology enthusiast in Nigeria, explained how a cheating person could detect if their phone had been snooped in by a significant other despite deleting incriminating evidence.

“Today’s tech tip might break up some relationships, especially those trying to play smart on you. Do you know a situation where somebody can actually take your phone, do some things in your phone – maybe people who are close to you and then wipe out the traces like they will make a call and delete the call log, they will open an SMS, send SMS, delete the SMS, open some app, delete the recent app…

Of course, now I’m going to show you how you’re going to catch them anybody who does that on your phone; and it simply comes with going to your dialer and dialing *#*#4636#*#, and it will open up a secret menu.

So in this secret menu, what we’re going to check out its usage statistics. The usage statistics will give you the list of every app that has been opened, the time it was opened, and all that.

So anybody who want to lie to you about using your phone or what they did will not be able to lie to you successfully because you will see all the list of apps that have been opened on this phone.

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I don’t know. This might end some relationships, but I’m just sharing some tech tips and some hidden things in the Android phone that you can use to be smarter than those who are trying to play smart,” said Smart Depot Tech.

The ways to discover unfaithful spouses continue to increase. WhatsApp also has a feature that allows a person to export all the data exchanged between two people. Meta introduced the ‘export chat’ option to the WhatsApp app, allowing people to get a hold of other people’s chats, photos, and videos, among other media.

If a partner is suspicious of a relationship between their significant other and another person and have been having uncomfortable conversations on WhatsApp, all this aggrieved person has to do is go to the chat that they are suspicious of, tap on the three dots at the top, and then tap on “more” From there, they will see an option to export the chat.

They can choose to export this chat to another platform/person with or without the chat’s media (photos, videos, and audio)- and go through them later at their convenience and without having to be caught red-handed snooping through their partner’s phone.

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