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Security glitch that can let you spy on your partner’s phone

By Winnie Mabel December 13th, 2022 2 min read

A Kenyan on TikTok by the name Brian Kepha, a technology reviewer, hopped onto the social media platform to explain how some vulnerability in android smart phones could be manipulated and allow a person to spy on their partner’s phones.

“If you have an android, stop and watch this video. We’re going to test vulnerability in all android devices except maybe a few that Google patched. Now, I will not show you this using my android because mine already has it patched but there are billions of devices out there that still haven’t received that patch. It has been there for years and was just recently discovered. So this vulnerability allows me to gain access to your smart phone without the need for your finger print, password, PIN or pattern,” the TikToker explained.

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“Now, how do we do this? You’re going to need an android smart phone of course, you’re going to need your SIM card and you must have your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) number. If you don’t have it, don’t attempt this because I don’t want you to blame me for blocking your line. The first thing you’re going to do, for example I am somebody’s wife and I want to see their WhatsApp activity, to see if he’s cheating or not…so what I’m going to do is pick up the phone, take out the SIM card then reinsert it back. When you reinsert it back, it’s going to prompt you to put in the SIM card PIN (Personal Identification Number).

“What you’re going to do is that you will key in the wrong PIN three times until you block that SIM card. Like I said, you need to have the PUK ready. Don’t block it without having a PUK ready. Now, after blocking it, it is going to ask you for the PUK, you will input the correct PUK and then it’s going to ask you to set a new PIN. Set your new PIN and then reconfirm. Once you reconfirm, click ok and it will take you directly to the home screen of that android device. You won’t even need your finger print, it will go from confirmation right to the home screen so that you can actually check out the apps.

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“Now, I want you guys to do this on your smart phones because I want to see which of you have this vulnerability and who already have it patched. Please, for the sake of experiment, I want to see, I want to use sampling on population to see how widespread this issue is. Come to the comment section and say yes I succeeded or no I did not succeed,” said Kepha.

His followers attempted the experiment and from their comments beneath Kepha’s video, it appeared Techno, iPhone, Redmi, Samsung and Huawei had patched the vulnerability.

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