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Why there seems to be no good single men left

By JOAN THATIAH January 14th, 2017 2 min read

Have you ever lamented about the lack of good single men and how all the good men are taken? If you have, findings of a new study suggest that you are wrong.

Apparently, it is not that there are no good men left, but rather all the men you are attracted to are taken. The study showed that a man’s allure increases even more if he has a beautiful girlfriend.

For the study, 245 women were asked to rate the desirability of men in pictures with other women and in pictures where they were alone.

The researchers from Texas Christian University in the US observed that men pictured with a partner were rated as more desirable by women. Interestingly, men with an attractive partner were rated as most desirable.

The research found that men with beautiful girlfriends are also viewed as wealthier, more humorous, trustworthy, adventurous and generous.

The men pictured with attractive women were also seen as more intelligent and attentive to the needs of others, all qualities that women seek in the men they want to date.

To explain these findings which have been published in Evolution Psychology, the researchers say that women find men in relationships more attractive as a result of female mate choice copying.

Women assume that men in relationships are of a better breed than their single counterparts.

“There is the assumption that if all the good men are taken, then the women dating them must be keen on perceiving the qualities that make them good and worth hanging on to. As such, women judge a man on the quality and attractiveness of the woman whose attention he holds,” says Randi Proffitt, one of the study authors.

According to the researchers, after the initial phase of looking at the physical attributes, women look deeper into other qualities such as kindness, generosity and access to resources.

SOURCE: Saturday Magazine