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Semelang’o: Don’t discriminate against me

By JOHN MUCHIRI September 20th, 2015 1 min read

Former Youth Fund chairman and businessman Gor Semelang’o fears that officials are plotting to remove his name from the list of candidates contesting in the forth coming Kenya Football Federation elections.

Gor is gunning for the chairman post of KFF, which is currently held by Sam Nyamwea.

“People are using my name as a speculation that I support a certain team in Kenya, but the truth is, my interest remains in Kenyan football and its growth to a higher level,” he told Showbuzz.

Gor has previously tried a chance in politics where he ran for the Mathare Parliamentary seat in the last by-elections, but his name was removed by his opponents before the elections date, he says.

After leaving the Youth Fund over a year ago, Gor has been concentrating on private businesses.