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Senate clears KNH in probe into author Ken Walibora’s death

The Senate has cleared Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) of culpability in the death of the late Kenyan author Prof Ken Walibora.

The scholar and former journalist died on April 10, 2020 at KNH after he was knocked down by a car on Landhies Road.

Although the circumstances that led to his demise remain unclear, the Senate’s health committee established that Prof Walibora received the necessary life-saving medical emergency interventions after his admission at the facility.

“There was no proof of negligence by KNH prior to his death,” the committee observed in its report.

Additionally, the committee’s investigations established that KNH was not responsible through commission or omission for the death.

However, nominated Senator Gertrude Musuruve said Prof Walibora was not given speedy attention that he required and challenged KNH and other health facilities to improve on emergency treatment.

According to the report tabled last year by committee chairman, Dr Michael Mbito, the author arrived at KNH at about 9.53am. He was triaged, categorised as a critical patient and admitted as ‘an unidentified male’ due to lack of documentation.

He suffered a cracked jaw, a broken hand, two missing teeth and had blood draining into his brain.

The postmortem conducted by the government’s chief pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor reveals that Prof Walibora’s death was a complicated puzzle.

“He had a cracked jaw on his right side, his right hand was broken and also he had a clot on his right side of the head, and he had lost two teeth all these are common with motor vehicle accident,” Dr Oduor said.