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Senate committee releases findings of negligence at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital

The death of Edward Otieno Onyango at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital that caused public outrage was due to medical negligence and inadequate treatment at the facility.

Otieno was brought to the hospital’s accident and emergency department on September 11,2022 following a road traffic accident and succumbed to his injuries a day later.

According to Senate Committee on Health, evidence presented before them showed that Otieno was in fair general condition, albeit pale and agitated, but refused treatment and insisted on being transferred to another facility.

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“When his family arrived approximately an hour later, they found him bleeding on the floor without any assistance. As attempts were being made to transfer him into an ambulance in order to refer him to a different facility as per the family’s request, the condition of the late Otieno suddenly
changed. Attempts to resuscitate him commenced immediately but failed. At 2.30 am, he was pronounced dead,” the report reads in part.

The committee findings indicate the late Otieno was not properly triaged upon arrival, contrary to established protocols. Emergency interventions were significantly delayed, with at least a two-hour gap before any treatment was initiated.

Furthermore, the nursing personnel displayed a callous and dismissive attitude, leaving Otieno unattended on the floor for an extended period, despite his distressing condition,” part of the report read.

The hospital’s claims that Otieno declined treatment were refuted by the Committee.

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“According to standard procedures, a signed declaration by the patient should have been obtained to confirm such a decision, but no evidence was provided,” the committee noted in the report.

According to the report, Otieno’s confusion and impaired mental state, indicated by a Glascow Coma Scale (GCS) score of 14/15, raise questions about his capacity to make an informed decision.

Based on these findings, the Committee made several recommendations including investigation into Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital by relevant health regulatory bodies to determine culpability for the wrongful death of Edward Otieno Onyango due to medical negligence.

Additionally, they urged the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council, to inspect the hospital and assess its level of healthcare service delivery.

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