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Senate staffer arrested over claims of sodomising UoN student in Parliament

A parliamentary security officer is being held at the Central Police Station in Nairobi after a University Student accused him of sodomy.

The suspect, who is attached to the Senate’s security department, allegedly arrested the student, took him to an office in Parliament buildings and sodomized him repeatedly.

And despite the alleged crime happening on Monday evening, it took the police four days to arrest the suspect who is said to be “well connected”.

His victim, a University of Nairobi third year student, alleges that he had reported the matter to Parliament Police Station on the day the suspect sodomized him and on the subsequent dates, but the suspect was not arrested.


It was not until the victim and his family reported the matter to the Divisional Headquarters, which is at the Central Police Station, that the suspect was apprehended.

Plainclothes officers attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations pounced on the suspect on Friday as he left County Hall offices in Central Business District.

On Sunday, Central OCPD Robinson Thuku said the suspect was paraded and positively identified by the victim on Saturday.

“He spent the weekend at the Police Station after being arrested on Friday following the accusations,” Mr Thuku said. “This is a serious crime and we had to be sure that the victim was referring to the same man we had in our custody.”

Mr Thuku added that the suspect would be arraigned in court Monday.

While recounting the ordeal, the student said the suspect had identified himself as a police officer attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations at Parliament.


“This man met me in town. He called me and when I approached, he identified himself as a police officer. He told me that I am under arrest for roaming in town with an intention to commit a crime. I told him that I am a student but he would not listen to me,” the victim told the police at parliament.

The student, whom we cannot identify for legal and ethical reasons, said the suspect took him to a room within parliament, locked the door and sodomized him.

The victim said after the incident, he reported the matter to the Parliament Police Station’s DCI offices but the suspect, who is said to be related to a senior official at the Parliamentary Service Commission was not arrested.

It is not clear why the offender arrested the victim outside his area of operation.

Parliamentary security personnel are required to operate within the jurisdiction of parliament, which includes the main parliament buildings, Protection House, Continental House, Harambee Sacco Plaza and County Hall.


The boy’s family believes that there was an attempt to cover up the incident before it was reported at the Central Police Station.

The family alleges that they made several trips to the Parliament Police Station to seek justice but nothing was done, forcing them to seek help from the Divisional headquarters.

However, officers at the Parliament Police Station said that the case could not be handled at their level because “normally such cases are referred to Central Police station because we don’t arrest parliament staff or MPs accused of committing offense. This is the reason we referred them to0 Central Police Station.”