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Senator Cheruiyot: Why UhuRuto differences should not be taken lightly

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot has blamed opposition leader Raila Odinga for playing a ‘significant role’ in the relationship breakdown between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

Cheruiyot has further warned that the said differences should not be taken lightly.

He made these comments on the Jeff Koinange Live show and even drew parallels on the supposed fallout between Kenyatta and Ruto and the situation in South Sudan where a breakdown in the relationship between the political leaders have resulted in turmoil.

“A fallout between a president and his deputy is not something to be taken lightly. South Sudan has the same problem and upto date the situation (there) is very bad. If I were to advise the two leaders (the president and his deputy), I would tell them to go back to the situation that brought them together,” explained Cheruiyot.

The Senator also hinted that there are prominent people whom he did not name, who are making money out of the fallout between the president and his deputy.


He further suggested that former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa’s arrest was ‘political’.

“We are reading in the papers that Echesa has been touring several offices with these people for the past couple of months. How is it that it is only after leaving the Deputy President’s office that he was arrested?” he posed.

“And how come everyday we have the DP Ruto’s picture in the papers in relation to the scandal while similar things have happened at State House and yet we did not see President Kenyatta’s picture in the newspapers?” he further queried.

President Kenyatta and Ruto have lately been singing from a different political hymn book, with their allies attacking each other in public.