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Senator Crystal Asige unveils new single “Tattoo”

Senator Crystal Asige, known for her impactful activism and creative pursuits, has released her latest single and music video titled “Tattoo,” following the success of her critically acclaimed project, “Blinding Allure mixtape,” in November 2023.

“Tattoo” delves into the pain of life’s struggles, urging listeners to transform their vulnerabilities into artistic expressions that narrate their unique stories.

Senator Crystal Asige describes the music video as a visual journey of embracing one’s scars and transcending the associated pain.

“As a creative, I believe in channeling everyday experiences into artistic expressions that resonate with people and inspire them,” Senator Asige expressed.

The release of “Tattoo” coincides with a poignant moment in Kenya, as women spearhead a powerful campaign against gender-based violence.

Senator Asige has been a vocal advocate in this movement, rallying grassroots human rights defenders and leading initiatives to denounce femicide.

Senator Asige’s activism against femicide extends beyond rhetoric, as she has actively lobbied for legislative action in Parliament.

Her efforts include mobilizing women parliamentarians to wear black on Valentine’s Day in solidarity with victims of gender-based violence and organizing a night vigil concert at the University of Nairobi.

In Parliament, Senator Asige sponsored an adjournment motion addressing the alarming rise in femicide cases, condemning these acts as “barbaric” and “methodical execution of defenseless women.”

“Femicide is a hate crime that threatens our core values of justice, equality, and fundamental human rights. It demands urgent attention and decisive action,” Senator Asige asserted.

Beyond her activism, Senator Asige’s musical talent shines through in “Tattoo,” where she seamlessly blends chakacha and hip-hop, infusing each lyric with genuine emotion.

Her powerful vocals coupled with a unique vocal technique add depth and resonance to the single.

“Tattoo” serves as a prelude to Senator Asige’s upcoming mixtape, “Blinding Allure II,” promising an immersive musical experience.

The music video for “Tattoo” is available for viewing, offering a glimpse into Senator Asige’s artistic vision.

The release of “Tattoo” marks another milestone in Senator Crystal Asige’s multifaceted journey, combining activism with artistic expression to create meaningful impact in society.

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