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Senator Jillo: This is why I skipped Uhuru’s State House meeting

A second Jubilee nominated senator facing expulsion for snubbing the party’s parliamentary group meeting at State House in Nairobi early this week has pledged loyalty to President Uhuru Kenyatta saying she skipped the meeting due to “unavoidable circumstances.”

Senator Waqo Naomi Jillo’s loyalty pledge comes after her colleague Christine Zawadi was earlier spared after she wrote an apology letter to Senate Majority Chief Whip Irungu Kang’ata.


In a statement on Friday, Ms Jillo said that she was unable to travel to Nairobi to attend the Party PG because of “unavoidable circumstances that Jubilee party is aware of.”

“I am currently in Marsabit County assisting in the fight against Covid 19.”

“This is a dangerous virus that we are facing and I would urge all of us to follow the directives that the government has given us. In light of the recent political on goings, I would like to state that my loyalty lies with our Head of State and Party Leader, His Excellency President Uhuru M. Kenyatta,” she said Friday.

She disclosed that she stands by and is guided by the President’s decisions in all matters affecting “our Party and our great Nation.

“I communicated my apologies and it was duly registered during the May 11, 2020 Parliamentary Group Meeting and I stand by the resolutions adopted during the meeting,”


“I congratulate and support our new leaders in Senate; Sen Samuel Pogishio, Sen Fatuma Dullo, Sen Irungu Kangata and Sen Farhiya Haji.”

She told off her political detractors for trying to “drive a wedge between H.E. the President and myself.”

“I am aware that meetings have been going on to try and discredit me due to the grassroots support that I enjoy. I will always serve my people and God to the best of my ability,” added the nominated legislator.

Ms Jillo was among the five nominated senators including — Millicent Omanga, Iman Falhada Dekow, Victor Prengei and Mary Yiane Seneta that Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju said the party had recommended to the disciplinary commitee for expulsion.

On Friday, Mr Tuju however, said the issues are no longer in their hands.

“They are in the hands of the party disciplinary committee and so whatever excuse anybody has, let them address them with the committee because at the moment, we are powerless and can’t do anything,” said Mr Tuju.

He disclosed that once the names were forwarded to the disciplinary committee, the only way of getting it out is through a process.

Earlier, Mr Tuju had said that: “If they (five nominees) have any illusions that we will make the mistakes made by ODM and ANC with respect to unsuccessful expulsion of some of their members, we have learnt our lesson and are going to follow due process.”

He said it was wrong for the senators to snub their party leader’s meeting and they must now be prepared to face the disciplinary committee.

Mr Tuju also stated that the party had confirmed from mobile telephone service providers that all the invitations were delivered to the Jubilee senators.

It is not clear how Ms Jillo would also be pardoned as she had received a show cause letter from the new Majority Chief Whip Mr Kang’ata.


On Friday, Mr Kang’ata confirmed response to the notice to show cause from Senator Jillo adding that he would forward it to the party’s disciplinary committee “with my substantive comments which remain confidential for now.”

“It is the disciplinary committee that will make the determination, not me. I am just a complainant on behalf of the Senate Parliamentary Group,” Mr Kang’ata said on Friday.

On Thursday, a section of women leaders in DP William Ruto’s Tangatanga camp accused Jubilee of undermining women leadership in the party.

But Nyeri Town MP Wambugu Ngunjiri said that was untrue as the positions would be filled by other “disciplined and loyal women to the party and its leader President Uhuru Kenyatta.”

“Those positions belong to women and the party has a right to expel renegades and replace them with other women who will stick to the party’s ideologies,” said Mr Ngunjiri.