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Senator Karen Nyamu clarifies viral photo of her ‘smoking weed’

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has finally spoken out about the viral image of her allegedly smoking weed during her past campaign days in the slums of Nairobi County.

In an exclusive interview with Ala C on his YouTube channel, she defended her actions and shed light on the viral photo’s circumstances.

Karen Nyamu addressed the image, which sparked a heated debate about her leadership suitability.

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Ala C inquired from the nominated senator about the photo’s authenticity and whether engaging in such activities was a necessary part of leadership.

“First of all, I don’t smoke weed. I have never smoked it, I am not a weed smoker myself, and I don’t do any drugs. On that day, we were at a football tournament in Ziwani, and the young men there were smoking weed – the cheap ten-bob variety. They urged me to join in, saying, ‘Mhesh, piga moshi, piga moshi moja, mhesh.'”

She further explained her decision, emphasizing the need to relate to the youth she engaged with during her campaign.

“Will you let the maboyz down and instead start preaching to them? If you tell them to follow a different path, they won’t listen. They lack opportunities and resort to these vices.

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By sharing that moment, I could communicate with them at their level and gain their trust.”

Addressing the criticism and concerns raised by Kenyans about setting a wrong image, Senator Karen Nyamu had a strong message.

“I would tell such people that if you judge your own children, you might not be the best person to talk to that child.

I am in a better position because I don’t judge people. I’m speaking my truth, and that’s what I believe. Although the incident made headlines and the Nairobi County Assembly summoned me, the story eventually died down.”

At the time of the viral photo, Karen Nyamu was working for the Nairobi Water Company and held a public servant role.

While acknowledging that her actions might have been inappropriate for a public servant, she clarified that the MCA who initiated the motion against her later changed his perception of her upon meeting in person.

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