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Senator Ledama calls for the sale of Parliament to build a city in Kajiado

By Winnie Mabel October 26th, 2022 2 min read

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina on October 25, 2022, attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter after he called for the sale of the National Assembly buildings located in Nairobi County.

In his tweet, he reasoned that such a sale would decongest the city and its proceeds would build a city in Kajiado, Narok County.

“Parliament of Kenya should sell its expensive buildings (to) decongest Nairobi then use a fraction of its proceeds to build a parliament city in Kajiado/Narok County- preferably Mosiro Ward which is a desert. We can drive to the city Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to debate,” said Senator Ledama.

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The Kenyan Parliament is located in Nairobi’s Central Business District and has several government buildings surrounding it. These offices are used by Parliamentarians to carry out their duties despite being elected in other counties. The value of the Parliament building remains unknown.

In addition, a Sh 8 billion 28-story office was built to house offices for Parliamentarians to work from one location. The building also has 26 committee meeting rooms and the offices will be allocated to the 416 members of the Bicameral Parliament.

Several representatives elected outside of Nairobi are known to own several homes in their home counties as well as in affluent suburbs in Nairobi County.

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Ledama’s sentiments were met with the following reactions:

“Setting up a Parliament building in Narok will not decongest the city since Nairobi accommodates 6 million Kenyans daily. How many MPs, MCAs and Senarors do we have in Nairobi? Less than 1k,” said Hosea Chebii.

“Noo, we are not desperate. Kenyans are paying taxes. Selling the Parliament building will be desperation. How much will we get from the sale and how will it add value to the economy of the country?” asked Crispal.

“Kumbe unafikirianga saa zingine mkubwa. Good idea. Nakuru should be made agricultural city, from agriculture to industries and all other things that entail agriculture. Nairobi should remain a diplomatic city and transport city,” added Francis Ihugo.

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“National Assembly in Kisumu, Senate in Mombasa, State House in Nairobi, Ministry of Interior headquarters in West Polot, Ministry of Defense headquarters in Mandera, Ministry of Agriculture in Meru etc etc. This will enable counties to thrive,” said Hon Edwin Ndege.

“The proposal to relocate the government seat to Isiolo and have Nairobi as the financial capital in Vision 2030 still stands. We don’t need waheshimiwas driving back to Nairobi with their roads entitlement inconveniencing us every Tue, Wed, Thur. Isiolo is better,” said Mwendia Unge Eng.

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