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Senator Linturi barred from Runda home and contacting his wife

A court has barred Meru Senator Mithika Linturi from accessing his palatial Runda estate home, as his domestic dispute with his wife, Maryanne Keitany, escalates.

Ms Keitany, a former chief of staff in Deputy President William Ruto’s office, was granted orders stopping Mr Linturi from even going near the home in Mae Ridge, Runda.

Senior Resident Magistrate Isaac Orenge on October 25 granted Ms Keitany “exclusive occupation of the shared residence being Mae Ridge Country Villas house number 16, erected on LR No. 7785/1324 and use of the facilities associated therewith by excluding the respondent from the said residence.”


The order also prevents him from making any type of contact, physical and even telephone conversations with Ms Keitany unless he is given permission.

Attempts to serve the senator with the order have been fraught with challenges with claims that he has refused to receive the same.

The senator and his wife have been in the news for some weeks now after Ms Keitany accused him of physical abuse and threatening her with a gun during an argument.

That only peaked after the mysterious death of their domestic worker, Edith Kinanu, about a month ago.

Family members of Ms Kinanu have declined to discuss the circumstances surrounding her death.

Mr Linturi has been questioned at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) at least on one occasion although the reason for his questioning remains unclear but could be related to the unexplained death of Ms Kinanu, allegations of domestic abuse and gun drama.

He was also at Runda police station on Wednesday.


An officer at the police station confirmed that the senator was there in the morning but left after writing a statement.

The officer, however, did not disclose the contents of the statement.

According to Ms Keitany’s sister Pamela, Mr Linturi had gone to the Runda police station on Wednesday and, in a bid to avoid receiving the order, wrote a police statement claiming that there were terrorists at the residence.

“He came to the police station and wrote a statement saying that there were Al-Shabaab in the house. The police officers came quickly and brought us here. So we had to write statements in turn saying that we are not Al-Shabaab,” Pamela told journalists outside the police station.

Armed officers arrived at the house and took Pamela, Ms Keitany and others back to the station for questioning.

At the police station, Pamela addressed the media, saying that Ms Keitany had left for her house. Reporters who went to the Runda home were, however, turned away.