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Senator Njoroge in gun drama with Shell boss in his petrol station

February 7th, 2017 2 min read

Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge was on Tuesday disarmed and arrested for allegedly misusing his firearm at a petrol station in Naivasha.

National Police Service spokesman George Kinoti said the senator shot twice in the air after rival gangs clashed at a petrol station he operates on the outskirts of Naivasha town.

He said Mr Njoroge had been interrogated and investigations launched, adding that appropriate action would be taken against the senator if he is found to have violated the laws relating to firearms.

The gun drama happened on Tuesday afternoon at the Shell Petrol Station near Karai shopping centre on the Nairobi-Naivasha Highway.

However, Vivo Energy-Kenya MD Polycarp Igathe claimed that the senator tried to shoot him.


He said the petrol station had been out of stock for three weeks.

It had also been running with no working capital, which is against Energy Regulatory Commission rules, added Mr Igathe.

The station has been on probation since November. On Saturday, the MD said he sent staff to debrand the petrol station, but they were threatened, so he decided to go there himself to supervise the debranding.

He said Mr Njoroge was angered and started shooting at them.

Mr Igathe said he recorded a statement with the police and the station will remain closed for investigations.

Initially, a group of suspected hired youths had entered the premises and vandalised the newly established outlet before they were repulsed by another team.

Mr Njoroge, who arrived moments later, whipped out his pistol and shot twice in the air.


An employee at the petrol station said some of the youths were ferried in a private vehicle to the outlet, located about 7km from Naivasha town.

The other group, in what appeared to have been a well planned counter strategy, was inside the premises and pelted their rivals with stones.

“They have destroyed two crucial pumps and also dug a trench in one of the entrances,” said the worker.

Before the senator was taken to record a statement by the police, he attributed the altercation to high stakes business rivalry.

“It is a rivalry that has lasted for a while and I have managed to obtain a court order to the effect,” he said.