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Senior govt. official questions why Luhya men pick women based on their legs

Mr Kennedy Buhere, a senior government official in the Ministry of Education, on Sunday, May 28, wondered why men from Western Kenya- particularly from the Luhya tribe- often chose their women based on the shape and size of their legs.

“I don’t understand. I don’t remember anyone teaching me that a woman’s legs is where beauty is domiciled. But every man having the blood of the Mulembe Nation reflexively spies the legs of the daughters of eve, with the exception of his mother, sisters, cousins and daughters. Be he an illiterate person, primary school, secondary school, college, university student, lecturer, professor, lowly civil servant or top civil most chief executive officer: the community has conditioned them. That legs ni kila kitu (are everything). Other things are merely, added advantage.

And this survey is wholesale. It doesn’t matter the education, the simple or elevated position of…you may be simple mama mboga (vegetable seller), blue collar worker, or white collar employee, chief executive, the native from the Mulembe community does care: he will look at your legs. And make mental judgement. An 80 year old man as well as a 20 year old Mulembe native boy. Both surreptitiously look at a woman’s legs.

It is like ISO standard. Without any coordination by anybody. Maybe coordinators are the living dead Luhya population in the netherworld. I don’t know. Education, high position doesn’t protect him from appreciating this Department. So important that the community looks at the Department the day a man, regardless of education or position, brings her home.

My collegemates… and fellow Mulembe natives, what is the explanation behind this?” asked Mr Buhere.

His query arises from common stereotype that Western Kenya men preferred their women to have strong, healthy calves- a common feature among Luhya woman and those from Nyanza region. It is believed that the environment and lifestyles led by women in rural Kenya make them stronger and more enduring than those born and bred in the city. In Western Kenya and Luo Nyanza, farming, fishing related activities and daily chores entailed in rural living often shape a woman’s physique, and one of the most outstanding physique of these women is healthy, toned calves.

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