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Senior Police officer found dead at his home

A senior police officer has been found dead in his house in Nairobi.

The body of William Singoei, who until his death was an Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of the Joint Operations Centre at the internal Affairs Unit of the National Police Service was found in his house at the Embakasi Military Barracks on Wednesday morning.

His death was confirmed by Nairobi Regional Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi who says his juniors were forced to go to his him after unsuccessfully trying to reach him on the phone for a day.

Officers were sent to his house where they broke down his door and found him dead on his bed.

Discovered next to his bed were a glass full of water and some medicine.

Nairobi county commissioner Flora Mworoa said investigations were underway to ascertain what might have led to his sudden death.

His body was moved to a city morgue awaiting postmortem.

Apart from serving as an assistant IG for police, he has also served as the Deputy Director in charge of Security at the KWS since 2015.

He was among senior Government officials seconded to the National Covid-19 emergency team.