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Seven crimes Nairobi women commit against their undies

They go by many names; panties, knickers, underclothes or ngothas in Nairobi speak.

Whichever name you choose to call them, your undergarments are the one item of clothing that you should give special care.

Here is a look into underwear mistakes that Nairobi women are unknowingly making:

1. Under the mattress – Do you know how many women in this town put their wet panties under the mattresses or on the wardrobe handles? Countless. It may be what you were taught as a little girl but it isn’t good for both you and your panties. Both these places are unhygienic.

Panties that are put under the mattress to dry are also prone to mold and discoloration. And your panties will always have that musty smell. Find hangers and put your intimates out to dry in an airy space.

2. The communal hanging lines – If you live in a building where the hanging lines are shared, it is wiser if you do not hang your undergarments out on the lines, especially if they are faded or they have holes in them. Even if they are in perfect condition, it is uncomfortable for everyone else. If you need to sun dry the, cover them up with a light cloth.

3. Ignoring the shelf life – It may not be indicated on the clothing but underwear does have a shelf life. The average woman will have that favorite undergarment, one that is very comfortable. Many times, it will be worn.

If you have underwear that is faded or that has a few holes here and there, you are doing your undergarments a disservice not to mention that it is an eyesore. If they are worn, throw them out.

4. The perfumed detergents – You may be washing your underwear with a detergent with high concentration of perfume imagining that this is a good thing. While the perfumed detergent may leave that nice scent, it is not good for your underwear and when continuously done, it will leave you with unexplained itches in places where the sun don’t shine.

5. Ignoring the panty liners – Light, unscented panty liners are available in almost every supermarket you can walk into in Nairobi. Still, the Nairobi woman prefers to go without them.

At any time of the month, a woman will have a vaginal discharge. This discharge is usually acidic and causes a bleaching effect on the panties leaving washed out patches in some sections. You can take care of this by investing in some panty liners.

6. Skipping the washing – Your mother was right when she insisted that you wear fresh underwear daily. And this also applies to bras. The average Nairobi woman will have a drawer full of bras that she rotates. While not washing a bra daily might keep your favorite one from wearing out too fast, not washing them will also ruin them. The build-up of body oils, perfume and sweat, when not cleaned will break down the fabric.

7. Storage – The average Nairobi woman has a drawer where she throws in her bras and under wears. The problem with storing these two items of clothing together is that bra hooks often get caught in the panties meaning you have to replace the panties every so often. Take better care of them by folding them and storing them separately.