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7 Kenyan celebs we hope will continue impressing us in 2023

During a year in which netizens were subjected to much drama and scandals, a handful of Kenyan celebrities were actually out there doing things to be celebrated; some quietly, others unknowingly and some actively telling us about their moves.

Here are Kenyan celebs who impressed us in 2022 and have much better in store for us in the year 2023.

1. Saumu Mbuvi – The eldest child of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has been charting her own path as a humanitarian and philanthropist. Saumu chose to dedicate herself to a life of service by conducting donation drives to help the less fortunate in society. She has been using her platforms to call to attention the need for people to stand with the underprivileged in the society.

2. Amira – The popular socialite taught hurt women the art of being composed and nonchalant in the face of public humiliation, how to keep your head up when the world seem to be crushing around you; and then picking yourself up to secure the largest bag around and lead one’s best life yet. This after all the drama she had to endure because of her promiscuous ex-husband and his mistresses. We await for more impressive things from you Amira.

3. Chebet Rono – The media personality and Instagram influencer taught us the importance of choosing yourself when friends turn against you and humiliate you in public. And in choosing herself slayed that snake further when she went on a weight loss journey and came out on the other end looking like fire! Congrats Chebet, we hope you achieve greater heights on this self love journey.

4. Crazy Kennar and his crew – Kennar, Bushra, Yvonne, Shi and Stanley are the comedic quartet we never knew we needed but continue to need like an addictive drug. The laugh we have laughed in 2022 needs to be more intense in 2023. For such young kid, enjoying what they are doing and securing the bags with major brands while at it, they are an impressive bunch we hope will continue gracing our social media platforms for a long time to come.

5. Terence Creative – Owning and winning the Papa Freddy persona, killing it at the Riggy G lookalike skits alongside Mammito and taking on a host of other personas including the caretaker to make his comedy relatable to different audiences. We applaud him for his versatility and comedic smarts; hoping to get even better content from him in 2023.

6. Fancy Fingers – Renowned for his guitar skills, the Sauti Sol band member had been hiding his absolutely gorgeous voice prior to the group’s solo albums project. Man, he released some really amazing tune and we hope that now the band got back together, we will hear more of his soulful voice paired with his unmatched guitar playing skills.

7. Otile Brown – Alaaar! How could he not make this list? Obizee has been releasing some really awesome tunes, including those he featured international artistes. My fave so far? Woman! Ai…I can’t sing to save my life but this one I will belt out a note or two. Otile Brown has been putting Kenyan music on the global map and I hope international artistes are beating a path to his doorstep because he is music gold and anyone who does not collabo with him is absolutely missing out!

Anyone else who should make this list? Do let us know…

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